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With Reference to an Appropriate Theory Explain the Main Roles and Activities of a Manager

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(a) With reference to an appropriate theory explain the main roles and activities of a manager.

  • According to the Contingency theory of leadership, it is about the belief which is leaders adopt any one of the four styles of management according to the team's environment. The four style are telling, selling, participating and delegating.

  • According to the system theory, this theory enables managers to realize that a system consists of many different parts and works together to achieve a goal. Different systems and employees interact. Managers recognize from a broad perspective that the whole works for the overall goals of the organization, not individually.

  • Next is the Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X believes that employees do not like work and need guidance and motivation to improve work efficiency, such as money. They have no passion and regard their work goals as burdens and shackles. Theory y, on the other hand, recognizes that employees are responsible and motivated. Leaders with the values of theory x usually adopt an authoritarian approach, while those of theory y encourage employees to participate together.

Therefore, based on the three theories, the main roles and activities of a manager could be understood as that, managers should organize structures, forecast and plan the futures, direct and coordinate staff.

(b) Explain how the roles identified in (a) are being carried out by managers in Shangri-la Hotels.  

Alisa, the general manager of the hotel, has a comprehensive upgrade plan during her seven years in the position, and has achieved results. Shangeri-la hotel has become the first hotel in Glasgow to win the five-star AA award. This reflects her forecast.Alisa appointed Antonio to the front desk, an accountant named Clark, a group of cleaners, room attendants and maintenance staff. Antonio usually runs a hotel when she's not there. These people have different divisions of labor and cooperation.

In Craig's kitchen, everyone has a clear, coordinated layout. He has strict requirements and tasks for employees. Every day he prepares menus for the restaurant himself and assigns specific tasks to waiters and kitchen staff. Every dish needs his signature before leaving the kitchen, which shows how strict his standards are.

  1. (a) Explain Likert’s Systems Theory on leadership.

 Likert's management system is the management system and style developed by Rensis Likert in the 1960s, taking the management of an American insurance company and its team as the research object. He outlined four management systems to describe the relationship, involvement, and role of managers and subordinates in the work environment. Later, he and Jane g. Likert modified the system to better suit the education context.


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