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Waste Paper Recycling

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According to the investigation of the company's purchasing department, our company has purchased more and more paper in recent years, which not only waste the company's funds, but also cause pollution to the environment.

Waste paper recycling is conducive to the ideological re-education of sustainable utilization of resources and the re-publicity of sustainable development strategy.

Compared with plastics, paper products are easy to form, widely used, beautiful, perishable and will not cause white pollution, which is conducive to environmental protection; paper recycling is more convenient than plastics.

waste paper recycling can increase resources for the country, increase incomes for the people, and benefit the country and the people.

Therefore, our company has a meeting today and decided that every employee must fill in the use record form of printing paper when printing or copying. In order to avoid unnecessary waste, employees are required to use double-sided printing

To have handicraft amateur, the company has award to be aimed at can turn waste paper into handicraft only

In offices, employees must download a paperless office management software and use it as often as possible


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