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Time Clocks

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1st Assignment

The following message is aggressive and negative. Rewrite it so that it follows this chapter’s guidelines. The message should be respectful, concise, efficient, persuasive, and maintain a positive tone.

It has come to my attention that many of you are lying on your time cards. If you come in late, you should not put 8:00 on your card. If you take a long lunch, you should not put 1:00 on your time card. I will not stand this type of cheating. I simply have no choice but to institute an employee monitoring system. Beginning next Monday, video cameras will be installed at all entrances to the building, and your entry and exit times will be logged each time you use electronic key cards to enter or leave. Anyone who is late for work or late coming back from lunch more than three times will have to answer to me. I don’t care if you had to take a nap or if you girls had to shop. This is a place of business, and we do not want to be taken advantage of by slackers who are cheaters as well. It is too bad that a few bad apples always have to spoil things for everyone.


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