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The Unanimous Declaration of All 13 of My Remaining Brain Cells

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IN MY FEELINGS, September 21, 2018

The unanimous Declaration of all 13 of my remaining brain cells

When one gets to a point where they feel school is more of an institution than a learning environment one must recognize the party at fault. So as of today, the 21st night of September we call for independence from the US Department of Education. Students have a set of rights that should not be infringed on, yet there continues to be a violation of these rights present in schools across the country. We are holding the US Department of Education to the same standards that we hold other countries, because of their failure to meet these standards, we must cut any ties immediately.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that school should be an ever-evolving institution, where kids of all ages can get an education in a safe and enjoyable environment. We as Americans should have our resource utilized to their full potential, but the Department of Education has failed over and over to do this. As Americans, it is our responsibility to make sure that our next generation succeeds, and the only way of ensuring this is by declaring independence. The Department of Education has done an inadequate job in preparing students for the ever-changing work environment At this current point the school system has only done one thing, and that makes a generation of kids that function like robots, whose only goals are to pass that next standardized test. Our future, the students in classrooms as we speak do not care about learning and exploring their interests, because they are focused on six letters on a piece of paper that mean absolutely nothing in the long run. If we do not declare independence now, more and more kids will pass through this corrupted institution, where collaboration is discouraged, and where fish are asked to climb trees. If we continue to allow this system to fester on, a system where we force triangles to become squares, we will inevitably pass the point of no return. To show the true alarming nature of this institution, you have to look into the facts of the matter.

It has extended school hours to the point where it becomes unbearable to many students

It has disheartened the idea of communication and collaboration in the classroom, which are important skills in the real world



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