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The Form of Government During the 17th and 18th Centuries That Was Most Effective Was Democracy.

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poop The form of government during the 17th and 18th centuries that was most effective was democracy.

Many rulers used absolutism in their countries. They believed rulers should have complete control over the country. Machiavelli thought the best way to rule was to make everyone afraid of you. He thought this was the only way to make sure they would listen. He believed people would take being nice as a weakness. King James also believed that absolutism was most effective. He believed kings were gods and could create or destroy anything that they wanted.. Thomas Hobbes believed that people were just cruel unless controlled with a law. In all of these people's beliefs, one person had all the power, and one person ultimately decided the fate of the country.

In a democracy peoples thoughts were heard and used in a government. This government was significant, because it didn't put too much rule in the government. King Louis believed it was the interests of the people and the state that came first and believed in a democracy. Voltaire also recommends a democracy and thought that freedom of speech was huge. Voltaire was one of biggest people who defended all freedoms of people, especially freedom of speech. Even after his books were burned because he offended the government he still stuck up for freedom


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