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The Chinese People's Way of Life

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I choose the first picture as my description object, from which I can get some thinking. In this picture, what the people bring to me is that foreigners' stereotypes of Chinese. A foreigner will feel that if a Chinese is modern, then she does not look Chinese enough. This is a thought-provoking question and I think it is very necessary to have a discussion.

With the enhancement of China's strength and international status, more and more Chinese people begin to enter the world's attention. In many films, Chinese people also appear in a traditional and gentle way. As more and more Chinese movies appear in Hollywood and cinemas all over the world, the images of Chinese kungfu and Chinese people have already appeared in the minds of foreigners. This has led to that foreigners think that Chinese people are all in such an image. Therefore, in the eyes of many foreigners, the Chinese people should be more traditional and conservative. This is the biggest stereotype foreigners have about China. Until now, this impression has not disappeared. Take myself for example, I once met a foreigner on a trip who asked me whether everyone in China knows kungfu. When I answered no, he looked very suspicious and thought I didn't seem to be a Chinese. After I explained to him, the foreigner was very disappointed and said I didn't look Chinese enough. I think his behavior is also one of the stereotypes of the Chinese people.


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