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The Big 5 Personality Test

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The Big 5 Personality Test


What are your reactions?  Do you agree with the scores on your Big Five profile?

I was surprised by the result of the survey. It reflected most of my personality base on questions about daily reaction and behavior to people, things I also agree with that scores on The Big Five profile.

Which dimension(s) is (are) your  highest?

My highest dimension is  Intellect/Imagination. This is also often called Openness to Experience. I have a lot of ideas. I am willing to try a new thing to gain more experience and not affair to make mistake because I always learn a lot from that.

In which situations would this be most beneficial? 

I think my dimension is beneficial the most when working in the field that needs to change and update new things every day. Especially, in the market nowadays it requires people to be creative and flexible.

Which one or two dimensions do you think are likely the best predictor of managerial success?  Which is the least?  

In my opinion, Dimensions likely the best predictors of managerial success are Conscientiousness and Agreeableness. Because a good manager is the one that knows how to listen and each understands individual within their team to discover strengths and find ways to work on weaknesses to gain the best success. That means they need to pay attention to details to keep everything on track, also being friendly and optimistic to encourage somebody else.


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