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The 4p's Marketing

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The Marketing Mix is identified as a set of four decisions which is stand for Product, Price, Place and Promotion. As brand developer, this set of strategy need to be practiced before initiate or launch any new set of product or brand. These set can assist in making strategic decisions and can generate positive response especially for specific group target.


CHAOS that created by us is a product which is an essential gaming accessories where it will definitely satisfied the needs of our customers and consumers such as the gamers. It is a gaming headset which gives maximum durability and comfort. We prefer to produce on a large scale with specific volume of a target consumer. As we mention before, our target group is not as large as the needs for the use of normal means of playing normal video games. Our product is beneficial towards the gamers.

3.5.2 PRICE

The price for CHAOS will costs our consumers around RM300. Although our product is slightly a bit more expensive than a normal gaming headset but our gaming handset is made up from the best quality materials which it provide maximum durability and comfort. Moreover, it is also been provided with an ‘Audio Controller Unit' where it is a great accessories which help the customers easily and accurately fine-tune the level of each audio channel, position, and bass depth to your exact enjoyment.

3.5.3 PLACE

As what we mention before, our specific target of group is for groups of people which like to have a hard core marathon gaming sessions. COMPUTER STORE

So in order to attract them, we prefer to place it on computer store where when a customer which might look for a computer accessories will likely possible to make consideration after


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