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Team Ghana Swot

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Swot Analysis

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Ghana's Strengths as a Tourism Destination

1) Economic Strengths

Ghana's government has made progress in Ghana's program to strengthen its fiscal institutions.

Steps have been taken to improve the budget process and computerize public financial

management. Ghana has taken steps to have a top corporate tax rate of 25% and will give a "tax

holiday" for 10 years for establishing a business in rural areas. (

2) Safe and Secure

Blue collar crime is the most prevalent type of crime. Police are friendly, honest, and truthful.

Hotels and resorts have 24/7 protection and Ghana is a pretty safe place to visit.

3) Strong Culture and Heritage

From the bustling city of Accra to the mud huts of Asonte, the immense culture of Ghana not

only thrills visitors but fascinates them as well. The festivals to street vendors draws visitors

into the daily life that is certainly African culture.

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Ghana's weakness as a Tourism Destination

1) Geographical Region

Being on the Westside of Africa airports and airline service is limited. Over 52% of visitors

arrived by air to the city of Accra. The country has invested heavily in that area and other

portions of the country have suffered. (Donnely, Tim.(2011/04).

2) Segment Market

Ghana's project of building a tour resort missed the mark when looking at the statistics of the

tourism market of consumers that come to the region. Most travelers that frequent the region

fall predominately in the business market and stay in Accra. Many foreigners are unfamiliar

with the market and assume that are is considered unsafe due to civil unrest in neighboring


3) Government

Ghana's government has corruption. Some corruption includes inhuman treatment and political

election fraud. This type of environment could prevent future contract bids for entrepreneurs

and stymie financial backing to launch future projects.

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1) Increased Interest of African-American Heritage

There is an increased curiosity of African-American culture. Even more people today are

interested in visiting Africa and begin to understand the culture and bring some of that

experience back to the United States.

2) Tourism from other African Nations.

Unlike many of Ghana's neighbors, Ghana's different ethnic groups live side by side in

harmony. Ghana's biggest city of Accra is an attraction to many other nations in the area

because of the modern feel and foreign influence it has.

3) "Best Kept Secret"



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