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A Varsity Runner on the Cross Country Team

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I have always challenged myself to exemplify good character qualities. In order to do so, I demonstrate the highest standards of reliability and perseverance in the activities I participate in.

My sophomore year I was a varsity runner on the cross country team. I was the third fastest runner on the team and a lot of the team's success was up to me. Every early morning practice in the summer and hundreds of miles in the fall, all season, we were working towards running at the State meet in Kearney. We had a strong team that year and had the potential to be successful in the State meet. Each team has seven runners and five of the seven get counted in the team scores. In order for a team score to be complete, all seven runners must finish the race.

The day of the state meet came and we were ready. As I was warming up for the race I began my fourth stride-out when my hamstring tendon tore, sending an unbearable pain through my leg. The team needed me


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