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Sorkin’s Article Trump’s Bad Trip

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Politics: Amy Davidson Sorkin’s article “Trump’s bad trip” (2018), explains the most recent public actions towards the economy and the peoples’ view on the rising arguments within the country. Sorkin develops her article through an analysis of the President’s attitude on recent issues such as the “building of a wall” in Mexico and a summary of his latest political debacles. Sorkin’s purpose is to expose and critique the president’s statements by highlighting his contradicting opinions, such as his ever-changing thoughts on NATO, in order to make the reader aware of the president’s current struggle to speak and act diplomatically. Given the topic of the article and Sorkin’s technical language it can be assumed that the intended audience is those seeking an update on the current status of president Donald Trump.

International Affairs: Joshua Rothamn’s article “The Big Question” (2018), assesses whether life around the globe is improving as the Millenials take over the ever-changing world. Rothman does so by analyzing how many believe differently from others and supports his claim of an improving world through facts and quotes from a new novel titled “Enlightenment Now.” Rothman purpose is to explain how around the globe life has become easier and better in order to prove to the reader that although the past seems bright, the future seems brighter. Given Rothman’s straightforward language and helpful examples it is as if Rothman is writing to a younger audience who wonder whether life is improving and if the future will be a positive experience.

Popular Culture: Carrie Battan’s article “Bieber’s betrothed” (2018), displays the day-to-day lives of paparazzi when dealing with superstars such as Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Battan does so by introducing the reader to Diggs and Peña who, unlike most paparazzi (who attempt to capture celebrities at their worst), try to display the positive side of celebrity’s actions. Batton’s purpose is to give attention to these talented photographers who put the celebrities first and the money second in order to illustrate how not all paparazzi aim to unmask all the wrong stars have committed. Due to its satirical style and simple language the intended audience of the article is the general public interested in the daily scoop on celebrity’s lives.

Technology: Jiayan Fan’s article “Delivering Modernity” (2018), explains the prevailing e-commerce industries of rural China and how new technology, such as drones, are affecting common tradition. Fan supports her article by giving a firsthand account of an e-commerce worker who deals with the daily work of introducing and managing these new systems. Fan’s purpose is to illustrate the working environment in such a huge company and its effects on workers in order to demonstrate to the reader the inner workings and purpose of such a large company. Due to its advanced economical terms and general understandable nature, it can be thought to be written for a general audience interested in e-commerce around the world.

Short Story: Zadie Smith’s short story “Now More Than Ever” (2018), addresses the hypocrisy of mankind and its need to satisfy its needs instead of the needs of others. The tone of this story and it’s meaning is expressed through its diction; the small sarcastic and cynical remarks go a long way when combined in this story. Through scenarios in both the 1950’s and today’s society to show the true nature of humans, there is an idea of both the present and the past being parallels. Smith’s purpose of writing an article where the main character slowly becomes aware of his own selfish ways is for the readers themselves to become aware of the betrayals that fuel humankind in order to provoke a sense of empathy within the reader for those who are not the same as them. Due to details, explicit language, and topics in this story show that it was intended for educated adults that are willing to change to better our society.

Business: John Lanchester’s article, “Doesn’t Add Up” (2018),


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