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Smriti Jain: The Fight Against The Persecute

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SMRITI JAIN: the fight against the persecute  

                                                                                                        Written by:    Debashis Mishra

                                                                                                                                 Roll no: R020217024

                                                                                                                                 SAP ID: 500059125

                                                                                                                                 MBA OIL & GAS

                                                                                                                                 1st Year


Smriti Jain: the fight against the persecute

In the neighbourhood of snow covered mountains, scenic beauty at the front and touching the sky in one of the tallest sky scrapper in Mumbai, a consultancy and IT development firm     called   “Greaydel Shines” has a large office covering the three floors. It was established in the year 2004 and had been founded by then two friends. The organization was a favourite among young enthusiasts. There were more than 300 employees working for it under an enthusiastic and competitive environment.

Smriti Jain, a new entrant into this firm was excited to handle various projects and was doing quite well. She was a having a friendly team and a nice amicable mentor, Garima, who was favourite among all team members. Smriti was working under Garima for past 6 months and had nurtured her skills a lot with her help. Smriti was working as a Data Analyst and was working hard to structure the data from various resources, managing processes and analysing outcomes. Smriti was hardworking and diligent member amongst all. But later on a series of incidents that was disrespecting and humiliating to her compelled her to think whether she should continue in the office or should she quit joining some other organization?

Greaydel Shines

Greaydel Shines was making a good mark in the market segment and was leading in almost 30% of the consultancy sector. There were four major departments in the organization – the IT development department, the finance department, the human resource department and administration department. Many of the finest solutions to the clients have been given by the firm and has built a strong trust among clients of all sectors.

They are using the latest high tech services and gadgets to collect data regarding the issues for which consultation is required. The team leaders use the Office Manager program to manage data as they prepare for the preparing for making a solution. The volume of data collected is calculated by automated data analyser. The larger the volume of the data, the longer it takes to organize and analyse it.

To get an idea about the data specialization, supervisors were provided with a pre-loaded software format to enter the required volume of data. This data is then uploaded to the mother system for a secure storage and is then integrated to with global data access centre. Now all data can be downloaded from and the amount can be calculated electronically and can be handled by Office Manager Programmes to make the useful analysis.

 Based on the amount of the data the performance of the programme can be estimated. The software has time limited assessment duration, so if the programme takes more than the normal the supervisor takes the necessary steps to minimize the analysis time.

The automatic data analysis system can predict how far the data collected will help in developing a new strategic solution and will indicate how much of time it will take to analyse.

The new member: Smriti Jain

In the month of January there were some vacancies in the organization for new software developer who could work along with the current team and should not be a fresher. For the same post many of the resumes were shortlisted and called up for interview.

During this period one plump young girl was also interviewed by the team members who proved herself really well. Smriti first appeared for a written exam which she got cleared and was asked to wait for interview session. It was since morning 10 O’clock Smriti was waiting in the hall for her turn to come for the interview process. She was all exhausted and was looking dull after waiting for so long. At around 4 past ten in the evening finally her call for interview came up.

She knocked the door asked to enter into the room. And the moment she entered the interview stopped her at the door and asked who are you? Smriti got really surprised and was nervous as she didn’t expect that what exactly the person is asking?

With a very low voice she replied, I am here for interview, Sir.

The interviewer replied: have you seen yourself how messed you are dressed?

Smriti said, it’s been very long I have been waiting for the interview so …

Ok, Go and comb your hair properly and dress up well.

Smriti went to the wash room and did some little adjustments with her and came back to the interview cell. The interviewer asked to sit. He then started asking her questions and the interview session lasted for an hour and long. She replied all the questions very well and the interviewer was happy with her response. Smriti answered all the questions very smartly. Her academic records were also good.

Then finally after a week a mail came to her account from Greaydel Shines congratulating her that she had been selected for the post of software developer and soon would be confirmed for joining date.

Then a week later another mail came to her confirming her joining on 20th of March at branch in Mumbai. As days were getting closer Smriti was excited about joining her new firm.

Smriti has always been a closemouthed girl but with her friends she enjoys her time and gets around with them very well. She always remains to herself and never much bothered about the society.

On the day of her joining the office Smriti was excited as well a little nervous as it would be a place for her with completely new faces. She was simply putting a long frock and was holding a bag on her shoulders. She was not looking if she was really going to join the corporate. At 9 in the morning she reached the office and was asked to wait in the hall. Then she was asked to move to her mentor’s cabin. She went inside the cabin and was asked to sit. Garima introduced herself and said that she is her mentor.

Garima explained a bit about the responsibilities that Smriti going to handle. She then met with her team mates and all greeted them to join the company. She started her day doing some normal assistance to the team members. Gradually she learned her jobs and started handling them on their own. As days passed by Smriti was doing her job really well and her mentor Garima was very much impressed with her work.

But some of the members started finding her flaws. It’s true that Smriti was kind of conservative and not seemed groomed well to the extent. This thing started a talk among some members and even some superior members do started pointing out. But so far no one had talked to her about this.

The Dublin Project

After a successful working period of one year a project came to the staff from a Dublin based company. The project required some of the staff members to visit the firm in Dublin and help the company completing the project with them.

Garima new she doesn’t need think much on selecting the staff. She called Smriti to her cabin and said her to handle this project along with her. She decided a few more members and informed about the final team members to her superior Neeraj Kanwar who was Senior Manager of the department.


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