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Power and Politics

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Power and Politics

1.problem identification

Political power is a formal authorization that enables people to achieve control over decision making, cooperation and systematism (Yukl, 1998).

[Yukl, G. (1998) Leadership in Organisations. Sydney: Prentice-Hall]

According to employees, Tom always focus on his plans, but not listen to others’ opinions. For example, he canceled the beer break suddenly without asking employees’ opinions, therefore, everyone is dissatisfied with him and his decision. Besides this, Tom has no authority in the company. He is a professional HR management, not a software developer; so his employees regard him as a layman, and do not respect him. In addition, employees compare Tom to Susan. They have worked with her for a long period, so they are used to Susan’s working style. Changing a new manager who is not professional software developer makes employees unable to adapt to the new way of working. Furthermore, Tom do not pay attention to the influence of Mary’s involvement. As his assistant, Mary cannot involve in management and making decision, she just accept what Tom tell her. When communicating with peer, she heard much complain and advice, but she cannot decide anything. All the peers hope she can convey their ideas to Tom, and she can help them to communicate with Tom.


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