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The Political and Economic Idea of Communism Tore the United States and Soviet Union Apart.

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The heavy weight carried on their chest by many families and friends in the United States of the men who were at war was finally lifted in April of 1945 when the battle of WWII between two of the strongest armies ended. However, this heavy weight was dropped and became even heavier when the political and economic idea of communism tore the United States and Soviet Union apart. Communism's theory of a government is the belief that property should be replaced by community ownership. (Background Essay) The United States and Soviet Union took care of their political, social, and economic affairs completely different from each other. The United States favored and supported ideas such as capitalism, democracy, and freedom of expression while the Soviet Union believed in ideas like communism, dictatorship, and limited freedom. The Soviet Empire believed that capitalism was predestined to fail while communism would spread all over the world. Therefore the pact between the United States and the Soviet Union ended quickly causing another bloody war, the Cold War. The idea of expansion came to the minds of the Soviet


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