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Personal Beliefs Essay

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I believe if you work hard and do not give up no matter the situation, you will be successful at the end. I was born in poor family in Korea. My parents were not educated and they did not want me to go through what they have gone through, so they planned to give me education no matter what. As I become older I realized that being educated will open doors of opportunities in this world.

 I completed my high school in 2005, and then I planned to come to USA for further studies. I told my parents and they supported me. I applied and got admission in one of the universities. My parents got loan to pay for my first semester tuition fees and air plane ticket because they knew it is going to be difficult for me because we did not had any body in the State that could help me. I knew that it was going to be long and rough journey ahead. I also knew have to provide for myself, but I was determined to accomplish my dream.

In the beginning days of when I first got into states were the toughest days. I did not only have I to worry about my studies but my parents as well as providing for next semester tuition fees. Not knowing anybody was the hardest part. As days past I got part time job on campus, I have to balance work and studies. There we times when I wanted to give up going school. I was thinking “If only I stopped going school I will not have to pay tuition fees and just get any job and make some money and send to parents so that they could pay the loan” but I never gave up no matter how difficult it was and I kept doing my best.  Things got better as days went by. I got scholarship following semester made friends along the way. It took me long time but I did finish my bachelor’s degree. I got opportunity to join US Army and got citizenship through Army.


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