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On-Line Games Addiction Among College Students

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This report submitted under the requirements for undergraduate programmer in International Economics and Trade at International college of Central South Forestry and Technology University




On-line Games Addiction Among College Students







Submitted by:Yuan Peng


supervised by: Zhang Jing 


Submitted on:12/8/2018


  1. Introduce
  2. Causes
  3. Solutions
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

1 Introduction

Nowadays,we can see many college students who are addicted to onine games,which will lead them to waste their studies and time.Therefor,we get to know the reason of this matter through the form of inquiry information and questionnaire,and devote to improve that.

2 Causes

2.1 The appeal of online games themselves.

With the continuous development of the Internet, online games are also improving.With more realistic 3D effect and more perfect industrial chain,can better cater to the taste of players.Games also become more interesting, informative, competitive, cooperative and so on, which can show the attraction of games.Most people will encounter a lot of bad things in their life, online games can provide such people with an opportunity to vent their emotions or achieve things that cannot be achieved in reality.Some people are not good at communicating in life, and online games are also a great communication platform, which can help them express themselves better.This is also one of the charms of online games.

2.2 poor self-control in college student.

Adults who drink and smoke are aware of the dangers of drinking and smoking, and college students are aware of the dangers of being addicted to online games.For those adults, it is difficult to control themselves not to smoke and drink, let alone just adult college students?We conducted a survey on the self-control of 365 college students. Only 25% of those surveyed did not skip classes. In professional courses, only 33.37% listened carefully and took notes.In college, only 4.17% of students chose to be as strict with themselves and study hard as in high school due to the lack of restrictions from their parents.Through this questionnaire, we can find that the self-control of college students is not satisfactory, which is one of the reasons why college students are addicted to online games.

2.3 Less interest,more leisure time.

When entering college, most college students don't know what they like to do or what they can do.And what's different from high school is that we have a lot of time to arrange by ourselves.Adapt to the full schedule of college students do not know how to reasonably control the time.We surveyed 20 college students who were addicted to online games, and 65% said, "what can we do without playing games?"."We only like to play games," said 30 percent.The other five percent had other reasons.According to this survey, we conducted another survey. We interviewed 20 people who don't play online games very often and asked them what they do in their free time.Thirty percent said they spent their free time with their boyfriends/girlfriends, 40 percent said they spent their free time doing part-time jobs, and 20 percent said they spent their free time studying.The other 10 percent are going to go the other way.According to the survey, college students' addiction to online games is related to their interests and time arrangement.

2.4 Dereliction of duty at school.

As is known to all, the management of Chinese universities is very loose, and this management mode mainly relies on the self-control of college students, which is what college students lack.This kind of management mode has led to a large number of bad phenomena such as "skipping classes", "skipping sleep" and "cheating", among which the most serious is that college students are addicted to online games.We will find that many people who are still outstanding in high school become uninterested in study, play games in class, even skip class and fail in college.There are many reasons for the negligence of school management."Principle 8020 tells us that the average person accounts for 80% of the world, and the excellent person accounts for 20%.The weak group with poor self-control and strong dependence is the main component of college students. Loose management is the biggest tragedy. Can we achieve 20% of the people at the expense of 80% of the people's growth?"Many college students choose to play games and skip classes because their teachers don't care.It can be seen that school management has a great impact on college students' addiction to online games.

3 Solution  

3.1 strengthening the supervision of online games in government.

In this developed Internet age, a variety of online games fill our life, there are many online games and very bad impact on college students, some online games are addictive, time-consuming, money consuming.For example, there is now a kind of gambling software, which makes profits by selling house cards and providing online gambling platforms. Such games are very attractive to college students and highly addictive.

For college students who do not have a job, money is also under great pressure.For such games, we need the supervision of relevant departments.There was a time when the government cracked down on this phenomenon so severely that many people forced themselves out of the game.Ministry of culture notice on improving and strengthening online game content management:"Set up the correct cultural value orientation, improve the cultural connotation of online game products.Online game products and services undertake entertainment, aesthetic, education, communication and other important cultural mission and social responsibility.Online game management units should give priority to social benefits, take the socialist core value system as the guidance in the game research and development operation, enhance the cultural connotation of products, vigorously carry forward the spirit of The Times and excellent national culture, and serve for the realization of all-round development of people and social harmony."It can be seen that strengthening the social supervision of online games plays a great role in improving college students' addiction to online games.


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