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My Leadership Reflection

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My Leadership Reflection

Background: Back in my undergraduate time, I was our class monitor. For my daily job, I need to check our classmates’ attendance; report to counsellor about our classmates daily study and life; in charge of every class activities; make sure if there is an emergency happened, I will be there all the time. I had been our class monitor since the first year of university. Every time when it is close to new year, the school require every class should hold a New Year party to celebrate. It was the first time that our class to do the new year party. And our counsellor told me that since it was the first time, our dean would come to deliver a welcome speech and watch some of our classmates’ show so it was very important to prepare the party well. I felt panic at that time because I had no experience at holding this kind of party and I had no clue how to start. On the other hand, it was very necessary to do this big event in a successful way because I need to set up a good leader image in front of our class in the first year.

Reflected Best Self: Based on what we learned in leadership class, I found that I tried my best in that situation to make the New Year party successful. Although I may not hold a perfect party, I still believe in my best efforts. Firstly, I asked myself serval questions at the hand: - What should I do at the preparation stage?

- How do I manage the time?

- What resources I need?

- How many people should join the team?

- How many cost will be spent?

I felt confused so I decided to ask for some help from senior students. Then I found out the following things to do: - Made the preparation plan and schedule

- Divided people into different groups

- Called classmates for volunteers to do the performance

- Went shopping for classroom decoration

- Send invitation cards to teachers.

Adversity and solution: Everything seemed to be on the schedule. However, when I was busying on other things, I did not follow the process of performance group. So at the day of New Year party, two show were behind schedule and could not get on the stage. The show time had to be cut but we supposed to do some performance for the dean. More importantly, we did not know the exact time when the dean came to our classroom. In that case, we needed to make the performance time long enough. Everyone was very worried and especially I felt stressed. But I tried my best to make myself calm down and thought really hard to find the way to solve the problem. I asked my people to see if anyone have any practical solution. Suddenly, my vice-monitor said he had a good idea. What if at the break time of each performance, the host asked classmates for coming to the stage to play games? In that case, the time would be prolonged. In the end, the dean came and gave us a brief speech and even took apart in one of the games. It was very happy for everyone who put effort to see that the whole party was a success.


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