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Leadership(quality Research)

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Within the developments of leadership, there is a movement from individual characteristics to effective leadership that means what a leader is actually doing in specific situations (Crevan et al., 2007). After scholars from GLOBE abundant discussion about leadership, they defined that leadership as ‘the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the organisation of which they are members' (House et al., 2004, cited from Arnold, J, & Randall, R., 2010). Accordingly, in this research, through interviewing a leader who currently works in a multinational enterprise being Managing Direct to find out the leader's characteristics and behaviours as well as get his views about what he considers effective leadership as in a company.

With regard to research method, the essay uses the quality research method-Template Analysis to analyze interview data by coding the features of the interviewee's leadership. Before interviewing, the open-ended interview schedule was prepared and it contained 10 questions (see Appendix A. Interview Schedule) which are the format of behavioural and competency-based questions which are designed to understand the manager various aspects of leadership. It requires the interviewee to provide examples to demonstrate his leadership. The purpose of this research is to address the following questions:

1. What characteristics and behaviours does the interviewee possess?

2. What is the relationship between the leader and his subordinates?

3. Which factors determines the effectiveness of the leader?

4. What is the interviewee's leadership style?

2. Rationale of analytic strategy

2.1 Research method

The research focus on the leadership of the manager and it requires more detailed investigation to understand his leadership style. Therefore, this research use qualitative method because it is most suitable to answer the subjective questions about insider views and perceptions of interviewee's experience (Robson, 2011). In this essay, analytic strategy is "template analysis" which is a particular way in qualitative research


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