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More Gun Control Doesn’t Mean Less Crime and Violence

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                                                              Persuasive Speech Topic Proposal

                                                          Social Issue: Gun Rights/ Gun control


1. More Gun Control doesn’t mean less crime and violence.

              Relation: This topic is related to my issue because some people believe that more gun control means less crime and less violence but this is not always the case. If the right of law abiding citizens to arm themselves and defend themselves  gets taken away that is a big problem and totally unacceptable. The people that support massive gun control think that it will automatically end all crime and violence but its not true.


           Possible Main Points:

          A. A lot of people of people believe that more gun control means less crime and violence therefore they want to deny the right of owning a firearm to law abiding citizens which is not the case.

         B. The reasons why people believe this is because they don’t research on this topic and are persuaded by the media to believe this.

         C. Giving these people examples of states and countries that have enacted heavy guncontrol or even banned guns that still have a lot of crime happening in them may make them see the issue.


              Call to action: I  can provide my class with a couple of websites that have statistics on this matter.

2. People are unaware of the current gun laws

        Relation: This topic is related to my issue because the majority of the people that are pro-gun control and support a gun ban, are unaware of the current laws regarding guns. If they were aware of the laws, I believe their views on the issue would be different.

        A. A lot of people that oppose gun rights, are completely oblivious to the current gun laws, specifically to the procedure you have to take to own a gun and the types of guns that are allowed.


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