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Mba 610 Greene’s Jewelry Case Study

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This paper will explore Greene’s Jewelry right to terminate Jennifer Lawson and the right to sue due to Jennifer Lawson breaching of confidentiality agreement which was signed by both parties. Cases such as Baehler v. Fritz Industries Inc. will be presented show casing Greene’s Jewelry’s right to terminate Jennifer Lawson is solely based on downsizing and not pregnancy discrimination. The downsizing was decided prior to Jennifer Lawson’s pregnancy and she was not the only that was let go. The position of Junior Executive Secretaries was in its entirety let go. The New Hampshire Uniform Trade Secrets Act, the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 will indicate under the laws Jennifer Lawson knowingly sold Greene’s Jewelry’s company trade secrete for processing Ever-Gold in order to secure a job at one of their competitors at Howell Jewelry World.

Facts and Laws

Founded in 1957 and located in Derry, New Hampshire, Green’s Jewelry Wholesale, LLC is a high end costume jewelry distribution and manufacturing company. It is currently owned by a married couple Mary Jane and Allen Greene. The company has expanded multiple times over these past five decades and currently owns their own warehouse and shops, employing a total of 502 individuals, in multiple departments including human resources, marketing, sales, research and development, and manufacturing. Greene’s Jewelry is primarily known for creating a synthetic gold-colored material called “Ever-Gold”. It is marketed as “everlasting gold” and used in Greene’s bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. It is resistant to oxidization, discoloration, and scratches. The process of how this synthetic material is created, is maintained as a top trade secret. All of Greene’s Jewelry executive level employees are required to sign a covenants not to compete and confidentiality agreements. Jennifer Lawson has been employed at Greene’s Jewelry in the research and development department as a junior executive secretary for the past 3 years.

Jennifer Lawson was not terminated because of an employment discrimination or a unlawful termination but because of downsizing. The main evidence of this is the termination is not just of Jennifer Lawson, but the position of Junior Executive Secretaries. This includes all other employees of Greene’s Jewelry who have the position of Junior Executive Secretaries. Greene’s Jewelry has already decided to terminate the position of Junior Executive Secretaries prior to Jennifer Lawson’s notification to Lisa Peele. If Greene’s Jewelry was basing this on pregnancy discrimination, Lisa Peele wouldn’t have notified Jennifer Lawson on the spot that she has been terminated and will need to clear her desk out. Jennifer Lawson was not terminated due to age, sex, race, pregnancy, or national origin. She was simply let go due to a company downsizing, which includes multiple other employees.

Greene’s Jewelry has a policy


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