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Lowering Franchisee’s Stress

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nonsensically. Profit-focused has forced franchisees to mistreat their employees; moreover, lowering cost of products and pressure of competition intensification drove the franchisees to take these drastic actions.3. POSSIBLE SOLLUTIONS:3.1. ADJUSTMENT IN MANAGEMENT STYLE AND THE CEOPizza2Go management style seems to be too scientific. They should not only focus on productivity but should be on welfare of their employees as well. It would be better to add more options such as training and incentives rather than just pretending everybody is a robot. Because of having so many franchises, monitoring all of them would be an issue. Developing a managing system where the employees can work in a happy and motivated environment with the help and great connection to the manager. This will help Pizza2Go pass on current challenges and also boost the organization’s revenue. CEO is a person holding power which is the aptitude to drive an organization, they have greatest influence on people who are in a state of dependence such as staff. Replacing to a new CEO who is more supportive and confidential to turn Pizza2Go a negative to a positive. The company needs a CEO who can take more actions rather than those public statements. Moreover, by changing CEO, the organization can easily receive new ideas and plan from employee that may be effective to the company (Kaplan, 2015). 3.2. BALANCE LEADERSHIP AND STYLE OF MANAGEMENTInstead of being too inflexible in utilising Taylorism, incorporating a balance of scientific and leadership characteristic. Consequently, manager will evolve into a transformational leader who can inspire and support their employees (Asrar-ul-Haq and Kuchinke, 2016). This not only help the employees feel understood by their boss, but also improve the relationship between all members in a company, cross out the distance between manager and workers. Additionally, this would be an advantage to Pizza2Go when workers are more close to their managers, no fear remains and worker could feel free to speak out their opinions especially problems during their work. To alter the management style means to accept changing the organizational culture of the workplace.3.3. IMPROVING ORGANIZATION POLICY3.3.1. Employee policyWorking condition is one of the most important factors that directly affect to both productivity and spirit of workers. Promulgating a standard rule to every franchise store such as break and wage paying term. Paying workers their salary the correct working hour rate included overtime, manager who deny the employee’s extra hours payment should be punished. Guarantee the security of employees during their working time, especially their honor. 3.3.2. Franchise policyThe current policy of Pizza2Go is a huge pressure to franchisees. Franchisor should stop forcing franchisees to run after profits. Deducting the franchise fees and other costs can reduce burden pg. 4

tax. It is also advantaged in lowering franchisee’s stress in running the store and reduce the probability of manager hamper to the employees. Less franchise but more productive, better thanwhen supple is more than demand. 4. RECOMMENDATION:4.1. STRATEGY: ADJUSTMENT IN MANAGEMENT STYLETraining the staffs appropriately with not only working skills but also a correct behavior set. Declining wrong current attitude of the head office that just hire manager to improve the store numbers.


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