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Lance Armstrong It's Not About the Bike:my Journey Back to Life

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The book "Lance Armstrong It's Not About The Bike:My Journey Back to Life" is a really good book, if you like to read documentries. This book is a biography written by Lance Armstrong telling about his expericences. The best thing about this book is that Lance never sugar coats anything, he always tells everything like it really is. Lances is a world class cyclisted and two time winner of the Tour De France. The book starts out telling about all the hardcore training that Lance has to go through to achieve his goals. Then one night he starts to feel alot of pain, get severe headaches, and ends up coughing up blood. He doesn't really think anything of it until he sees the large amount of blood. Lance realizes something is wrong so he calls over a family friend doctor. The doctor tells him he needs to go see someone, so that's what he did. When Lance goes to the doctors office, they tell him that he is suffering from testicular cancer. Just like anyone else would be, Lance was very scared. Lance searches for


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