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Jack Ma - Ceo of Alibaba Group - a Reflection Biography

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Assignment for BA 1103

Ahmetcan Acartürk


This Tuesday we watched a film about Jack Ma and his B2B company Jack Ma is founder and CEO of alibaba group. Short, thin and humble person.

Today manages one of the world's largest technology company, Jack Ma's story began in 1964 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. His parents were local singers that singing traditional Chinese ballads. Jack Ma was always interested in learning English. He was always tried to talk to tourist and listened English radio channels in order to improve his language skills. Unlike English, he was bad at Mathematic at school. He attended the university at his third trial. In 1988 he was graduated from Hangzhou Teacher's Institute.

After his graduate, Jack Ma’s job applications rejected by companies. Thus, he started to give English lessons in local University for 12 dolar per month. But his goal was bigger. In 1995, his friend showed him the internet and say ‘you can find in the internet whatever you want’ After that Jack Ma typed beer, but he could not find any chinese beer in the internet. Not only beer but also nothing about China.

Whereupon, he established China Pages includes a guide of some chinese companies. But China Pages was a total fiasco. 1995 was too early to joinning internet business but Ma was eager to try again. In 1999, when internet had become more popular in business world especiallu Wall Street. Jack and his 17 friends met in Jack’s house. Team started to set up a online trading environment. Company name was Alibaba.


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