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It Is More Important to Work to Live Than to Live to Work

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“It is more important to work to live than to live to work”. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

In the fast-paced world, the controversy about either people should live to work or work to live is still obstinate. Some people claim that ‘’ live to work’’ is more important because their work can make their stratification in society increasing. However, others have the opposite point of view that “work to live” is more critical because they think that work is just the ways for them to get money and assist their lives. From my perspective, I am persuaded by the latter’s viewpoint. As a result, this report will analyze why must we prefer choosing “work to live” than “live to work”.

For those who advocate of living to work give an argument that job is a major of satisfaction and meaning in their lives. It cannot be denied that we compel to work to earn money for our demands in life. We have too many things to pay such as houses, electronic and water charges, tuition and so on. Therefore, most of people immerse themselves in working with a great enthusiasm to succeed. Because they want a luxurious life, they defy everything to make money, they become a workaholic, making money by despicable tricks, gradually become a slave of money. They desperately take bribes and embezzlement, consequence, having to go to prison for several years. Moreover, some people working to exhaustion. For instance, in Japan, people fell victim to the phenomenon of “Karoshi” or “death from overwork”. Due to a strong cultural norm, Japanese labor logged more than 80 hours of overtime each month, easy to catch some dangerous diseases. According to the Japanese Ministry of Labor estimates, in 2015, 189 people die from overwork, of which 49% committed suicide and 51% suffered from heart attack, stroke or other cause. Personally, I think that the way they work is no different than suicide.


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