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Balanced Life - Work to Live

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Life concludes lots of beautiful things such as love , leisure activities , relationship and family. Despite that many developed countries  , having careers is more important than enjoy the life. Many people target their career as the most important than health , friends and parents.

Work is just a part of life , do not let it be the only purpose of entire time. You should face it . If you have a job,  you can pay the mortgage,  take care of your family, save the money in the bank and spend time to explore the world. In the modern century , living independent is essential, you should not using the whole time of youth depends on your parents. You should go to work and get some new co-workers , invite them to your house and organize parties to connect relationship between people and people closely. That help you will found extra experiences of the implication life. Nevertheless, leisure activities may be the interested things to do, it can be a part of life. For example, after a long week with many stress of works , you need to get out of any complicated things on your minds and refresh it could be a good choice , or you can book a flight to favorite country where you can enjoy a life like a queen or king.  Life has a lot of things to pay attention,  do not become a workaholic.

In addition,  working hard have effected many struggles medical healthy like stressed , headache and digestive troubles.  By Forbes,  wrote in October 2017, an employee of advertising monolith, Dentsu Matsuri Takashi , was so over worked , that make she became clinically depressed and leaded to her death in the company dorm on  Christmas Day in 2015. Her suicide was also ruled Karoshi, the word use for death by over work in Japan. In this country,  spending 150 hours for working in a month is normal. We knew that working was important but swap our life was more essential.


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