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Introduction to Business

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1-1 Discussion: Week 1

Studying business is very important because our everyday activities are related to business.It will help as in many aspects of our lives such as becoming informed customer and investor, successful employee, starting a business and improving management skills(Pride, Hughes, Kapoor, 2017). I personally I'm interested on studying business because I want to become a successful profession HR. To organize and operate a business must be combined four resources: materials, finances, information and humans ( Pride, Hughes, Kapoor, 2017).It is essential to understand the world of business and master the management skills, to recruit the right candidate for the position , to motivate and manage Human Resources toward the goals of the organization.

Nowadays the business world has changed because of the technology development that has impacted and made it much easy in the way how to communicate, the way of doing marketing and starting up a business. People can start a company with less financial resources by using social media to communicate with clients and make marketing, they can work from home and not spend money to rent office space. Also, many companies have to start a business without materials by just using online platforms


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