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Increase of Heart Disease in Women

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Increase of Heart Disease in Women



Cardiovascular disease, commonly known as heart disease can also be called the heart and blood vessel disease. It is a collection of problems that result from the building of plague on the walls of arteries. The plague affects the free flow of blood by the virtue of narrowing down blood vessels. Eventually, a heart attack would occur if such a blood vessel is completely blocked or blood forms a clot such that a certain heart muscle does not get blood supply. The heart muscles cut off from supply of oxygenated begins to die with time.

Symptoms of heart attacks do differ in men and women. In most cases, women who have heart diseases will fail to know. Some of the common symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease include light headache, stomach upsets, sweating and burning sensations in their upper abdomen. Lack of acute symptoms makes many women ignore the fact they have heart attacks. However, review of available literature suggests that heart attacks are more severe in women than in men. The chances that a woman who has had heart attack will eventually die stands at 50% or more.

An amazing fact is that women tend to believe that cancer is more lethal than heart disease is. However, the truth is that more women die out of heart disease than cancer. What many people would refer to as heart disease is majorly cardiovascular disease. The big question is what causes cardiovascular disease in women. A report published by the Women’s Health Weekly has pointed out to the fact that there are many risk factors as far as heart attack is concerned. Some people are said to be born with the conditions that expose them stroke and heart attacks in life. However, many of the victims of heart disease are said to have suffered the ailment as a result of a combination of factors and not just one factor being responsible on its own. Factors like hypertension (high blood pressure) are known to lead the frontier in causing cardiovascular disease. There is a high possibility of strained blood vessels during hypertension to get damaged and cause blood clots later in


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