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Inclusion of People with Disability in Classroom and in Sports

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        Inclusion is a system where students with special needs use more or all their time with peers without special needs. Inclusion discourages using special schools or classes to divide student with special needs from the rest. it’s about rights of student with disability and the school role to accommodate the student.

Some of the advantages of inclusion are; Disabled students contribute to classroom diversity, they make classroom more entertaining and also they can come up with new ideas thus improving lives. Inclusion dare people to offer improved ways to provide education to every child including students with special needs, this benefits all students not only those with special needs. Inclusion makes the brain of disabled children grow strong neural connection in a wealthy environment of learning. Inclusion develops friendship and togetherness among students

Inclusion however has some cons. Inclusion sometime causes disruption and distraction to non-disabled children. It makes disabled student feel defeated since they feel they are in competition with their peers who are not disabled. There is lack of adequate skilled teachers in normal schools to offer special attention to disabled children. Inclusions makes teaches to pay more attention to disabled students than other students. Inclusion of people with special needs in sports offer good health to them. It also enables them gain life skills for instance self-esteem and confidence. Also enables them have low level of stress and anger. Inclusion in sports boost social interaction. According to me I think inclusion is good and should be embraced since it makes the disabled students feel members of the society.


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