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Human Resource Management

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1.0 Introduction:

In this task, I will try to conduct a brief evaluation of the recruitment process and the rationale for conducting appropriate human resource practices within an organization. Furthermore, this task will create a document portfolio that will include evidence of the design of a job description and person specification for a new role within the organization, interview preparatory notes, selection criteria and an interview decision sheet of the candidate selected.

2.0 Application of HRM Practices:

The HRM practices that is selected for evaluation is recruitment and selection process. Recruitment can be said to be the process of sourcing for candidates with the necessary skills to apply for job vacancies in an organization (Opatha, 2010). The organisation in this regard is a medium-sized company with about 200 employees based in the Uk and has branches in London and Manchester. The business of the organisation is managing client’s assets. The HRM team in the organization is small but has a thorough process and has been responsible for the recruitment of highly skilled staff over time. The recruitment process is a vital element of human resource management. It is not done without a proper well thought out planning. 

Before organizations start their recruitment, they have to implement adequate staffing plans and forecast to ascertain how many workforces they will need. In this scenario, the selection and recruitment of staff for this organization adheres to a policy which complies with employment legislation. For this organization, the HRM team produces and draws up a plan for their recruitment strategy that includes the job description and person specification, confirming the job analysis is correct via questionnaires, having a kind of bidding system that review and possibly recruit internal candidate and promotion. For example, a job posting can be advertised internally.

For this organization, after the initial interview with the HRM recruitment team and line manager, the candidates will be called up for a second, more in-depth interview usually with the director or CEO of the organization before a decision is made if to hire the individual. Recently in the organization there have been low staff turnover due to the economic meltdown. However, the process of hiring has not changed despite market or economic condition.

The figure below illustrates the process or procedure for writing a job analysis.

Figure 1. Procedure for writing a job analysis

[pic 1]

Recruitment and selection is an important part of human resource management for any type of business organization. These are concepts or terms that refer to the process of luring and picking the right candidates for employment. There have been worries expressed concerning the concept of HRM by social commentators many academics mostly because there is no agreed concept of HRM universally or the practices it involves. The practices that are used widely are mostly adopted by organizations that are related to recruitment and selection (Dessler, 2008). In today’s business world the key to survive is to adequately manage the human resources of an organization which is the efficiency of an organization (Huselid, 1995)

3.0 Conclusion

A successful recruitment and selection practices can lead to positive rise in organizational performance. The effective use of recruitment and selection practices in firms has shown to be related to performance which represents labour productivity, product quality, organizational innovations, and customer satisfaction. This task has tried to analyse the process and the rationale for conducting appropriate human resource practices

4.0 References

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Job description


Job Title: Resource Administrator

Location: London

Reporting to: Resourcing Advisor

[pic 2]


The role of the Resourcing Administrator is to provide administrative support to enable the Resourcing team to provide an effective and timely recruitment, selection and on-boarding service to the organisation and maintain necessary records and information systems.

Responsibilities will include providing managers with the information and documentation they need to recruit effectively, dealing with enquiries from candidates and assisting with the running of interviews and assessments.


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