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Human Resource Management Adviser Case Study

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Assignment Guideline

You are a human resource management adviser and assist the senior managers in their understanding of HRM activities necessary to run a successful business.

  1. Describe at least four activities that the HRM function will undertake in Escape to the Wild, the purpose of the activities and why you think they are important for helping the company to succeed.  


Given below is sample activity that could be carried out by the HR function in Escape to the Wild. 

Training and development


Where candidates opt to include this activity, they should give their reasons for choosing it and how it will help the company. These will include a majority of the following.



  • Ad-hoc training
  • Dissatisfied staff leaving.
  • Managing director wishes a more strategic approach
  • the senior members of staff have no formal qualifications or experience.  

Allows the company to:

  • have a well-trained workforce
  • grow its own managers and promote from within
  • enable training to be more focused, systematic and directly related to business goals
  • help retain good quality employees
  • provide a strategic approach to training


  • undertake training needs analysis
  • produce costed training plans
  • source training providers
  • deliver in-house training
  • undertake any training administration
  • provide training advice and guidance to employees and managers
  • evaluate training activities

Case study indicators  

Human resource activity required

The company is continuing to expand, creating a requirement for more staff.  

  • Recruitment, selection and induction

The finance department spends too much time on staff-related issues and feels out of its depth.

  • Pay and reward
  • Company HR policies
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Contracts of employment  

Managers are concerned about the inconsistencies in job descriptions, recruitment and selection practices, and pay and conditions.

  • Job design and evaluation (JD/JS)
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Pay and reward
  • Employment terms and conditions

Ad-hoc training.

  • Training and development  

Managing director wishes a more strategic approach to the way company recruits, trains and promotes employees.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Talent management
  • Learning and development
  • Career planning and trainee management schemes

Realization of the complexity of employment law. Employee concerns relating to unfair practice.

  • Employee relations
  • Ensuring fair employment practice
  • Equality and diversity law

Dissatisfied staff leaving.

  • Employee relations
  • Fair employment practice
  • Training and development


You can choose any other four activities but need to contain information to similar depth as example shown.

2         Give your recommendations, with reasons, to the managing director of Escape to the Wild on:


  1. a         the structure of the human resource function, with the use of a diagram — you should include the number of staff you think should be employed in human resources, the roles they will undertake and their reporting lines.  

  • State the reasons how/why you set your structure of HRM. The following table shown some factors you consider when you plan your HR structure.


Effect on choice of HR function

The size of the company and the newness of the function.


The company has approximately 300 employees and would probably see a large HR section as a cost rather than a benefit.

Its growth rate.

The company is growing quickly. This will affect the HR expertise it sees as relevant, eg recruitment, training.


The previous independence, in relation to HR activities, enjoyed by managers.


Although managers, etc may complain about the length of time spent on HR activities, they may not be happy to have decisions made on HR issues by an HR function, when they have previously had that power.


The type of activities that are causing a problem currently, eg administration, feeling out of depth on employment law-related issues, inconsistencies.


In order to show that an HR function can add value to the company, its structure and the roles of the HR, staff need to address HR issues that are currently causing problems.

The activities the managing director would like to see addressed.


The MD has expressed a wish to have a more strategic approach to training, recruitment and internal promotion.


The current structure of the company.

This will affect reporting lines for the HR function and how senior in the company the manager of an HR unit could be. For example, reporting to a director, reporting to the managing director, a member of the corporate management team

The lack of company-wide HR policies and procedures.

As part of ensuring fair employment practice, the company needs consistent policies and procedures that apply to all employees.


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