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How to Write a Lab Report in Science

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How to write a lab report in Science

Title: (your title should be clear and detailed, written on top middle side of the page)

Research question: what are you researching in your investigation.

Aim: What are you trying to achieve. Don't forget full details of your task ( aim).

Hypothesis and background information: I predict that…..

You must back up your hypothesis with background information from Internet. You must include here the website from which you have used the information.

This part of your investigation should take approx. half a page.


Independent. This is what you change in the investigation. You should have only ONE independent variable per investigation

Dependent: what you are measuring in your investigation

Controlled: what you kept constant in your investigation and how you kept it constant. Write in details in the right column of table below.

Controlled variable

How it was controlled

Apparatus and materials:

Method: should be written in details and numbered 1.2.3. and so on…… (not in bullet points). The method should be approx. one page long. Full details. Show in your method how you kept your variables effectively and how you sufficiently collected your data. In DETAILS!!! Never say "we" as you are expected to do it all alone independently.



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