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Heathrow Aiport Swot Analysis

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We choose SWOT analysis to discuss the Heathrow airport expansion. Whether you're building a startup or guiding an existing company. SWOT Analytics is a very simple yet powerful tool to help you develop your business strategy. it easy to see the advantage and the weakness on your case. I will explain it in the below

Since the SWOT consists of 4 large parts. They are classified as internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. We believe that the internal part is an existing fact. On the contrary, external opportunities and threats have not happened yet. We will try to give examples for citation.


The value of the airport is the internal strength. Heathrow airport is a famous airport of the world. Since the place of the airport is


Heathrow airport expansion is facing 2 big problems. It is the environment and the housing problem. The environment is about the noise pollution and air pollution.

Since the Heathrow airport is near with the people, it would create another problem-housing.


Since the opportunities are a unknown case, we assume the Heathrow airport could increase the job opportunities and the competition. Heathrow airport expansion would create the short-term job opportunities in the beginning. However, the expansion could help the competition on the Aviation industry in the world.


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