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Fraser Foods Company

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Task specialist role- someone that plays this role will put all its time and effort for the team to reach their objectives. Size- As the team gets larger and larger it becomes tough to communicate and inspire every member. Socioemotional- workers who implement this role, they are usually more supportive of the members of the team whether its social or emotional matter.

Fraser foods company is not a huge company but its rather big and they work well and all work towards the same goal and they believe that their staff is the core of their business and they think is critical to their success that their staff are motivated and developed to their standards. The team on the shop floor has a freedom to organise themselves as long as they are meeting targets, they move around to carry out different tasks which helps them breakup the natural routine of the job and the boredom of it. This has improved the performance of the team and their morale. In the case study Janice will be would be the specialist role, because of how much time she spends helping David, she puts energy and effort helping the business reach its goals and if Fraser Foods reaches its goals then that is beneficial for the team/company. She is also regarded highly and theres


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