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Fidus Digital Marketing Promotion

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Fidus Digital Marketing Promotion


Fidus Digital Marketing Promotion

        Fidus is an up and coming personal computer company that is rising in sales. With humble beginnings, Fidus has grown into a successful company that has generated more than seven million dollars in sales in quarter six. With that many sales and it being a great time to be innovative in technology, it is a great time to have an additional capital investment from our capital headquarters. Marketing has been somewhat successful at Fidus but there is a lot of room for improvement especially compared to our competition. With an additional investment, Fidus will be able to utilize digital marketing so that we can reach more of our targeted market.

Advertising on channels such as television, newspapers, and magazines can only reach a certain number of customers. In recent years, digital marketing has become more vital in the success of a company. Digital marketing social media options include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Options such as running advertisement campaigns on social media sites as well as having a company page or features in the blogs of well known social media influencers will help spread Fidus at a low cost than television ads. Email marketing, search engine advertisements, and blogging are among other options for Fidus.

        Right now, Fidus operates as a Business to Customer company, but there is potential to become Business to Business as well. Fidus can use a Business to Business computerized digital marketing program to improve customer attainment and a Business to Customer computerized marketing program to collect customer data and increase engagement with campaigns. Websites such as LinkedIn and ad spaces on technology centered websites can be used to promote Business to Business marketing. Social media sites, blogs, and email services can promote Business to Customer marketing.


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