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Ec1406171 - Digital Marketing and Digital Communication

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Digital Marketing

Outcome 1

Dominika Serwin


Lecturer: Katrina Pugh

Question 1

Digital communication build relationship with consumers by having portals and websites that customers can access 24/7, it is free for them to research, browse, and shop. 

There cannot be a situation where the brand is passive or, what is worse, inactive. The consumer of digital media must have access to relevant information on a regular basis, including obtaining answers to questions asked, regardless of the time of day or night.

The RACE mnemonic summarises the key online marketing activities that need to be managed as part of digital marketing.

Web 2.0 Identification of websites created after 2001, in which the basic operation

content generated by users of a given website. It is considered that Web 2.0 services are changing the paradigm interaction between website owners and their

users, giving back the creation of the majority content in the hands of users.

Contrary to software version numbering, Web 2.0 is not a new World Wide Web or Internet, but it is a different way to use its existing resources.

 Freedom to create internet content, for example through the ability to post messages on social networks, to talk about thematic programs and to comment on blog entries, choosing a website, but people. The interactive nature of portals - often without the trade of their owner, and also for other people. Mainly social portals, application applications, blogging, vlogs and the like.

The main features of Web 2.0 portals are:

  • the so-called network effect, allowing the acquisition of new users,
  • increasing the scope of information or sales of the product (the long tail),
  • creating the value of web portals with the quality of information published by its users,
  • integration of other websites and services,
  • creating websites (applications) dedicated to all possible web browsers and mobile devices, in order to maximally facilitate the use of them,
  • adapting the operation of web portals or applications to the needs of their users (based on their current behaviour on the web),
  • providing ready-made, easy-to-use tools and technologies for creating applications or websites, such as a platform for creating blogs.
  • interactivity,
  • ease of communication,
  • simplicity in creating,
  • the possibility of cooperating with other users,
  • providing content and information,
  • availability of resources,
  • low costs,
  • universality,
  • the possibility of providing help,
  • long range,
  • enabling contacts with other people, creating a community
  • mutual learning,
  • transparency of appearance

Advantages for digital marketing communications for:


Research on how users spend their time online clearly shows that this time has doubled in comparison to the last decade. Consumers are more likely to search the Internet for information or shopping, which is why marketing activities of companies should be implemented in the right place and at the right time. Therefore, effective communication with users on the Internet is so important.

The website is the beginning of all marketing activities. It should be treated as a "virtual home" for the user to whom they will direct all advertising activities. To be a place where we can present our entire offer or range of products.

Digital Marketing uses many different online advertising channels:


Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital Display Advertising

Pay-Per-Click PPC / SEM

Web Analytics

E-mail Marketing

Advantages for digital marketing communications for:


Websites are portals that consumers can access 24/7 and communicate with businesses. They can shop, research, browse and contact at free will. To some extent the communications process is one way as the consumer decides upon where they click, however there are certain techniques that web developers UX designers can adopt to persuade consumers to click throughout the site, guiding them through the user journey.


Owned Media

Paid Media

Earned Media

Twitter account



Paid search

Display ads





Question 2

Commmunication mix:


Public relations or publicity

Sales promotion

Direct marketing

Personal selling

  Digitization brings benefits to companies. First and foremost, they gain an easy distribution of content and access to new channels of communication with the public.                            

The digital economy opens up unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs to collect and analyse valuable data on the effectiveness of their own business operations and consumer activity.

The digital age has change the way how businesses market their products.

Social media can support businesses in particular ways such as brand building, relationship building, and promotions.

Social media build excellent relationship with customers and make awareness about the product. It can set up trust and credibility for the business

The amount of people who are connecting with social media is increasing in each day. Social media marketing is a method of creating publicity through social media channels and internet communities.


This is the process of optimizing a website for search engines to achieve high positions. This process allows you to increase organic traffic on the site, which is generated by the number of visitors.

Content Marketing

Also called content marketing, it refers to the creation and publishing of valuable content that builds the brand, engages users and educates. This process, through published content, allows to build a positive brand perception by users who regularly follow posted content, often recognizing the brand as an expert in a given field.

Social Media Marketing

Be where your clients are. Social media have the largest customer support due to which they are an attractive communication channel. By promoting your brand in an interesting way, we have the opportunity to reach a wide audience with the message of our advertisement. Communication in these channels can be transformed into an interactive dialogue with consumers.

Digital Display Advertising

The process includes graphically rich advertisements on the Internet presented in a manner consistent with the chosen marketing strategy in various available formats. It includes many presentation possibilities, i.e. text, image, video and audio, and includes mechanisms such as the creation of advertising, publishing it and the most important tracking of its reception.

Pay-Per-Click PPC / SEM

The Pay-Per-Click / SEM activities are called all promotional activities, ie sponsored links campaigns, positioning and website optimization, which aim to achieve high page rankings in both natural and paid results. The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad.

Web Analytics

Refers to activities aimed at web analytics, that is, data collection, measurement, analysis and reporting in order to understand and optimize the data left by users on our portal. Used as a tool for market research and evaluation, it also helps to reduce the risk of failure.

E-mail Marketing

The type of internet marketing that treats e-mail as the main communication tool with recipients. Effective e-mail marketing is an iterative process involving the database, design, delivery and receipt by the end user. E-mail is often used to promote desired content such as promotions, discounts, events.

Digital communication mix



Facebook, Instagram

Public relations

Blog posts, trade publications

Personal Selling

 e-bay, Amazon, market place

Sales Promotion

Discounts, buy one-get one free, groupon

Direct marketing

Loyalty cards, email sign-ups


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