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Evaluate a Public Place. Suggest How It Could Be Made More Appealing

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Landmark 81 - The new symbol of Vietnam, an area that any tourist should visit when they get to Ho Chi Minh city. It was a massive and complex construction built by Vingroup corporation, there are a massive park and many small buildings around this skyscraper, we can say that there is a small city inside Landmark 81, and most of the people like to go here because here they can find a lot of different restaurants, interesting amusements, or various shopping stores here. However, some people suggest that landmark 81 should replace some of the restaurants and add more average shopping stores. This essay will describe the landmark 81 features, it is included why this place amazes people while other people recommend making some adjustments to this place.

The best part of this building is having a massive and green park. Here people can relax and have fun with their friends and families, or even work here. For Instance, you can see a lot of people fly a kite and children play rollerblading here in the afternoon. Furthermore, people can have a picnic or BBQ party to wind out. In addition, you can contemplate the twinkle, and brilliant scenery of the city involves with Saigon river from the top of the skyscraper. Although you need to pay money for the tickets in order to get to the top, it deserves because of the unique view and many luxury restaurants. In many special occasion, for example on the lunar new year, they shot the firework into the sky and there was a Vietnamese flag on the big screen at the top of the building.

Besides many advantages of the building, there are some


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