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Evaluate Binh Ba Island and Make It More Appealing

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Evaluate Binh Ba Island and make it more appealing

The public realm embodies the external areas in our cities that are reachable to all. These are the frequent spaces that people move through and loiter around, the places where people work, live and play. Binh Ba Island - a pleasant beauty isle which tourists cannot miss when visiting Nha Trang. Nevertheless, the place has become more extremely disordered and polluted as a result of poor consciousness and the local administration’s irresponsibility. This essay will evaluate some traits of this space as well as give some recommendation to the citizen which help to address these problems once available.

Littering is one of the biggest problems which is making the island’s environment not as clean as ever.  Waste is mainly from fishing port areas. Many people after classifying food for lobster feed have discharged wastewater directly into the sea causing stinking. Besides that, there are many tourists with a lack of awareness and responsibility in the way of protecting the environment.  For instance, after the camping trip over, visitors often throw trash right down at the beach. As a consequence, Binh Ba Island is miserable due to pollution. The garbage that is mostly plastic bags, bottles form a thick layer of rubbish covering the water of the harbor area, not only causing aesthetics but also polluting the seawater around this beautiful island. Thus, local authorities need to organize regular checks and fines if those companies are working illegally. The government also encourage citizen to use net bags in order to reuse them many times. Moreover, propaganda and mobilize people on this island to dispose of garbage in the right place, not to litter indiscriminately are very necessary. Additionally, set up an organization and optimization of the waste collection which potentially reduce the pressure on local administration in part. One more thing, to diminish waste more effectively, people's committee of Nha Trang city has drastically to invest in a waste treatment plant. This might not be easy to run but the government must respond to short term benefits to overcome comprehensively these issues.

Cruise ship waste streams are the second problem that makes the environment on Binh Ba Island more seriously polluted. With the increasing number of tourists, the number of ships must also double to serve human demand. However, most of the cruise ships have old engines that lead to toxic substances being discharged into the sea, which damaged the ecosystems. To address this issue, the government needs to require all ships to have an oil-water separator system and send supervisors to monitor the situation. Besides that, there should be a way to promote private investment in wastewater collection and treatment systems. In other words, private enterprise will support citizen  an oil filter to install on the ship.

In conclusion, Binh Ba Island is a crucial zone of Nha Trang city. This place helps Nha Trang city make a good profit on the business. Unfortunately, due to the overuse, do not know how to preserve the natural landscape, this natural masterpiece is severely devastated, even disappeared completely someday.




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