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Digital Coin for the Digital Free Lancer

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One the first commercially successful sector in the online era was job-posting boards in the 90s. The ease of posting a few lines describing what job you needed done without going to the ad agencies was a quick hit.

Since then, online employment services have evolved a lot from the simple post boards to fully-fledged websites and portals that are dedicated to connecting job offering people with those who seek work. Modern day freelancing websites are success stories, but only from their revenue generation point of view. Ask any person who has ever done freelancing work on these portals. High commissions, prolonged disputes, draconian regulations and slow release of income are few of the major issues that plaque the environment.

Adoption of blockchain for a freelancing portal was just a matter of time. With faster, cheaper and swift ways to connect job seekers with potential clients, this has finally happened.

Digital COIN for the digital free LANCER

COINLANCER is an initiative that utilizes the power of blockchain to eliminate the inefficiencies inherent of regular freelancing portals. CoinLancer is a portal built on the Ethereum platform. Apart from the in-built efficiencies of the Ethereum network, the portal will also rely on the smart contracts capability.

On CoinLancer, you can post jobs and people who seek jobs can search. Once a job seeker or an opportunity provider find suitable work/worker, both parties can contact each other and setup the criteria such as timeline, milestones, cost of the project, any payment release steps etc.

After all this is set in an automated agreement called the smart contract. No interference from the platform is done from that point onwards. This suits all parties. The dealing is direct and helps in resolving issues or disputes quickly and in the end, the money transfer is also immediate. The COINLANCER platform takes a small fee of 3%, which is five to ten times less than what regular freelancing portals charge.


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