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Cross Culture Management

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cross culture management


In engineering and project management service market, study of cross culture management helps organizations improve the business strategies by understanding issues such as how:

By exploring our own values and beliefs and those of other cultural groups we can reduce much of the stress from working internationally;

By predicting how their behaviour may differe from our own and understanding that it is perfectly coherent;

To better runderstand the consumers think, feel, reason, and select between different alternatives;

How managers can adapt and improve their marketing campaigns and business strategies to more effectively reach the consumer by competitive proposals.

By analysis culture difference behavior and expectation, management must understand what differentiates their companies from others and must understand the needs of the consumers in the engineering service markets. Once two ingredients are understood, a project can prolong the life of the relationship between businesses and customers.

Company Background

Century3 began its professional practice in 1977 in South Carolina and its growth over that time has been predominantly internal, stemming from the referrals of our client base and those of other professionals. In 2004, Century 3 opened the first office in China with headquarters in Shanghai, has grown to more than 800 engineering and construction professionals at 9 offices throughout the country. In addition to its China operations, access to internal and external resources deployed in North America, Europe and in South East Asia gives Century 3 a pool of experience capable of responding to any client need.


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