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Comparing Different Cultures with Other Forms of Expressions

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Even though comparing different cultures with other forms of expressions within the same period, human behavior and interaction among each other is the study of humanities. Cultural events today, such as a Native American Pau Wau's, provide the history of music, dance, singing, art, and literature to the local community. The expression of humanities within in Native American studies in which consist of art, style, genius, and culture also provides a better understanding of humanities. Within the 15th century, Europeans were also part of a different kind of culture.

The study of human behavior and interaction amongst each other has given scientist better knowledge of what determines human activity today is humanities. Ranging from arts to dancing or singing to music are examples of the study of humanities. Although each century differs from each other, they all have the same thing in common, the evolvement of human life. "Handed down from generation to generation" (Fiero, 2011, preface, p. 9) humanities continues to provide change as well as the improvements of science and technology.

Native American Pau Wau, pronounced Powwow, is a healing ceremony conducted by spiritual or religious leaders of each tribe. With dancing and other rituals, powwows are a part of the day-to-day culture and rituals. These rituals also include drumming, singing, food, chanting, and healing rituals celebrate successful hunting. Ceremonies are times to thank spirits for a giving harvest and battles.

Arts and crafts reflect that of the Native American Cultures. Jewelry making influences are by the nature around them, and represent symbolism. The use of building materials such as turquoise, brown stone, pink stone, silver stone, and stone is used to create types of jewelry. Dream catchers protect and catch negative dreams of sleeping individual. The use of belts or string with knots and beaded designs is a tribal story and for measurements.

Although tribes use many types of clothing styles, each way signifies or symbolizes stature and power. The use of Earth and animals do not go to waste, Native Americans use a variety of products. Animal products used contain porcupine needles, deerskin for clothes, eagle feathers for headdresses, and turtle shells. The use of animal skin, such as deer, provides the fibrous needed to make clothes along with beadwork patterns. For all clothing created for family is specifically created by using specific objects that represent the occupations of their loved ones.

Although tribes differ from clothing, language, and customs there are many of the similarities within the culture, genius natives. Hunter-gatherers create stones into weapons from rock; however, as times began to change newer technologies is created and more efficient


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