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Comparative Analysis Paper “declaration of Independence” and “declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”

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Teacher should not be carrying a gun for so many reason. First, reason is what are the consequences of teacher having gun? The second reasons, what would happen to the students that are in elementary school? Third reasons is, the lack of uncomfortable feeling to the students.

One of the main reasons teacher should not have gun gun is because if they leave the classroom what are the consequences?.We all know that students could do something while teacher is not there. Who know what will happen to students. Most kids get their hands on everything. So if teacher leave the classroom a students could get access to geun if they know where is it in the building. Alos, could accidents while the teacher is not their. And if something goes wrong in the classroom the teacher will be the person who get balme on. Over all, seems that bad consequences it will happen and it is more than good consequences.

Seconds reasons, what would happen to the students that are in elementary school. Would they be able to protect the students from the gun. One of man reason why teacher should not be carrying gun who are in the elementary school. It just because during this age children


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