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Colargol Notes

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Colargol was created by a french writer name Olga Pouchine during the 1950's.

This bear wanted to sing and travel the world and became famoous through childrens recordings in the 1960's.

Eventually they created a a stop-motion animated tv series called Les Aventures de Colargol.

The series was produced from 1967 to 1974 comprising 53 thirteen minute episodes.

The tv series underwent a name change to Barnaby when it was dubbed into english and broadcast in the UK.

It also underwent a second name change when it was aired in Canada as Jeremy the Bear.

Colargol also turned into 3 motion picture films in Poland : Colargol na DziKim Zachozdie (Colargol in the Wild West) in 1976, Colargol zdobywc? kosmosu (Colargol the Conquerer of Space) in 1978, Colargol i cudowna walizka (Colargol and the Magic Suitcase) in 1979.

Colragol had many names varrying by which countries it aired in:

• Afghanistan: ???????Colargol

• Albania: Arushi Kolargol

• Canada: Jeremy the bear (English), Colargol (French)

• Chinese: ?????

• Finland: Pikku-Nalle

• France: Colargol

• Germany: Teddybär Colargol

• Hungary: Mackó Misi

• Iceland: Oliver bangsi

• Ireland: Jeremy the bear


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