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Fast Food Nation Chapter 1 Summary Notes

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Fast Food Nation Chapter 1 Summary Notes

Schlosser starts off the chapter with a brief biography of Carl N. Korcher's life and background the in the fast food industry. Carl N. Korcher is one of the fast food industry pioneers. He quit school after the 8th grade and spent hours farming with his father. When he was 20 years old his Uncle offered him a job at his Seed and Feed store in Anaheim, CA. Carl then moved out to California, where he met his wife Margaret, and began a family of his own. They bought a hotdog cart, Margaret sold hotdogs while Carl worked at a bakery. By the end of 1944, Carl owned four hot dog carts in Los Angeles. California's population and auto industry was rapidly expanding. In addition to running the carts, he still worked full-time for the Armstrong Bakery. The McDonalds Brothers were running their own restaurant called "McDonald's Famous Hamburgers".


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