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Body Consious

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Body Conscious

The exposition included 9 international and NY based artist such as Laila Abril, Beth B, Maureen Connor, Katya Grokhovsky, Ariane Lopez-Huici, L.A Raeven, Faith Ringgold, Martha Rosier, Ivonne Thein, and Emily L. Newman.

The artists covered all types of visual elements to express their work and to capture the attention of the audience. The work included from photographs and videos to sculptures, items and even performances. We can appreciate as well that they didn't focus on just one type of shape or form as they incorporated pictures with images laying down horizontally on the floor and on chairs, as well as people on a vertical position as jumping and standing up with the arms up high.

We can also see in this exposition that the artists are not trying to show happiness, as the lighting is very low in the pictures, the color of the items such as the hanger with a long black dress and the element on the floor are black and the videos as well as some of the pictures are black and white.

The subject matter in the exposition is clearly the female body. The artist are emphasizing on the female body weight as we can see pictures of female bodies incredible skinny as well as very over weight.

The artists shows the different types of outcomes and extreme changes that our body can go thru as we expose it to eating disorders. Some of the images are very dramatic as they show bodies incredible skinny that would even give you the idea that they can easily break.

This exposition is a way of expression of the artist to show concern on how our society believes that beauty is synonymous of "skinny body" and also shows the extremes that we are willing to go to look like that "idea-of-beauty".

In some of the photographs here we can better appreciate how the artist visually criticize the idea of being too skinny. We can also see that the artist has very strong feelings about how being too skinny can, as a matter of fact, make you look sick and ugly as supposed to pretty.

This particular artist, Ivonne Thein, the creater of the picture to the left, shows how she wants her audience to direct their attention and to focus particularly in the body of models by hiding their faces. I believe her intention in this work is to show the unhealthiness of the bodies as they reach this point and she ilustrates that by wrapping the 32 kilos. bodies in this photograps with


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