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Average Collected Garbage a Day in the Philippines

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Earth provides enough to satisfy man’s need but not man’s greed. (Mahatma Ghandi, 1958) As the society strives to innovate and reach the top, the environment suffers continuously just to achieve the desired modernization.

In obedience to the notion edited by Song Lifang from Xinhua news (2017), the average collected garbage a day in the Philippines is about 35,000 tons. In daily basis, Metro Manila’s waste products are about 8,600 tons.

Having that much garbage a day has a great impact on our environment since in our society, proper disposal and proper segregation are neglected, and reusing those wastes are such a challenge. Paper waste ranked as the 2nd most produced solid waste. Recycling paper waste could be the best solution so far, but paper recycling is very minimal. The previous study that stated 6,700 tons are the estimated usage of paper only 720 tons of them a day are recycled. (ADB, 2004)

One of the mostly used and in demand in our society is paper. In everyday basis, avoiding the usage of paper seems impossible. Papers are making our lives easier, mostly in schools and workplaces. The big demand of paper are increasing daily, but the society are continuing to neglect the fact that thousands of trees are being chopped down daily to provide this need which is leading to deforestation and even larger scale of pollution both in land and water.

The researchers created a solution to start a tree free paper without damaging the environment, in fact helping it because


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