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An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at Fedex

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Strategic Human Resources Management


Case Study Analysis

(An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at FedEx)

  Submitted by:

Noha Ramadan Mohamed Zaki




Group A

Fall 201

Table of contents


Page Number


Introduction and Thesis Statement


Overall Business Strategies at Company X

2.1  Company X Business Strategy

2.2  Company X Overall Business Objectives


Overall Human Resources Management Strategies at Co. X

3.1  Approaches to SHRM at Company X

3.2  Workforce Planning and Competencies for Company X

3.3  HR Strategy adopted by Company X

3.4   HR Managers’ Role at Company X


HRM Practices at Company X

4.1  Recruitment at Company X

4.2  Performance Management at Company X

4.3  Training at Company X

4.4  Compensation and Benefits at Company X

4.5  Employee Relations at Company X


Conclusion and Discussion

5.1  Recommendations

5.2  Conclusion



An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at FedEx

   Transportation, shipping and trucking industry had a great effect on the economical, and the political history in the United States of America in the 20th century. This industry has been flourished after the innovation of the automobiles, and the industrial revolution as before this period the transportation and the shipping depended on trains, and large horses drawn Vehicles. In 1973 the Federal Express Corporation was founded as a project by Fredrick Smith, this Project was called “FedEx”.

 The founder believed that to be always able to lead the market and to be at the beginning of the competitors’ track he has to develop a strong strategy, so he to build this aim in the minds of the Human Resource (HR) department in FedEx. The HR in the organization seeks to achieve the highest levels of success in reaching the goals in the market. In this project, a broad view will be tackled in relation of: HR strategy in FedEx. And how the slogan of the company reflects this strategy.

    First of all, according to Kokemuller (2018), as a big company having a clear way, and a plan is the key to achieve success. This is called “Business Strategy”. A set of high firm, plans is a strategy to achieve certain or specific objectives in the company’s field, and by suing this business strategy the company reaches a strong competitive position, business growth, and strong financial achievement. FedEx follows The Competitive Approach by Michael Porter (1985). Porter believed that any company has its own way through it, the position of the company in the market is formulated. FedEx follows “The Differentiation” strategy. Differentiation essentially means making your business or brand stand out by offering unique features, benefits, or services. This strategy aims to separate the business from its competitors by putting a specific focus in the mind of certain target audience. 


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