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Tragedy Stricks Twice

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Tragedy Strikes Twice

Have you ever had a feeling that this is the end, nowhere to go no one to turn to, feels like you're the only one in the world? No second chance no going back. But the truth is everyone has a second chance. If you feel like running there's always another option and take the other option as a second chance. Everyone is different but in a way were all the same, where either rich or poor, smart or dumb, attractive or un attractive, The way I see it is to enjoy life because in the end no matter what we go through we're all going to end up the same, burred in the ground or burnt into a wall. What does it matter if your smarter than someone else or more attractive, in the end were all going to die so why spend your time putting someone else down or making your life about someone else.

My way of coping through it is to just not think about it too much, if I think too much about it I feel worse and more worried about death. The way I see it is that we have good days and bad days, were born, we live, we suffer, and we die. In the end what does it matter how your hair looked that day, or who had the best clothes. Life is short, we only have a small time slot to live so when worry about the small things, life is full of love, happiness and hardship, tough days but the bad days make the good ones worth living. Everyone has a different story to tell about death and well this is my story.

It was October 7th 1995, it was the middle of summer, Lilly and I spent every second we could in the water, some people could even say we were born as mermaids. Lilly and I were inseparable where ever she went I went. We were best friends but we were more like sisters. No matter what happened or what we went through we were always there for each other. On the last of summer something awful happened, something unimaginable, something I can't live without. My best friend, my sister, my other half. I knew she was struggling but I never thought something like this would happen. But to understand it we have to go back to the beginning.

Lilly and I were at the beach like any ordinary day, but it wasn't an ordinary day. One phone call changed everything. Something was different that day, the mood, her appearance, everything seemed like we were in a movie, and everything she said sounded like it was rehearsed. That phone call changed the mood from bad to terrifying in less than a second. At 12.04 on the 29th October her mum rang. She dropped the phone and fell to the ground crying as if she hadn't cried in years. She stood up and looked at me directly, wiped her tears and started to walk away. It was dead silent for a minute I could hear the crow and birds flying, I could hear the waves classing on each other, the wind blowing in my hair, wondering what her mum said.

She sat at a nearby bench crying at a photo, I glanced at the photo; it was her and her dad. I started to cry but I had to stay strong for her. I wiped my tears and sat next her. From the look on her face I knew what had happened. I


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