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To Mba or Not to Mba

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Deciding to go to take up your MBA is like being stuck in front of a fork road. There is a risk whether you decide to take it or not, but in my point of view the risk of taking an MBA is like making a long-term investment on yourself. There are a lot of factors to consider before making this investment and each factor must be thought of carefully. These factors can be broken down in to three namely time, money and effort.

It has been said that time is of the essence. The time spent working determines how much you earn and take home every payday. If you do not go to work then naturally you have no pay. Some schools require you to give up work and be a fulltime student. However, The Ateneo allows its students to work and study at the same time. With this we continue earning while studying. The battle here is being able to balance the time given for schoolwork and office work. You allot what used to be your personal time for studying and still deliver efficiently while in the office. You will be doing this for roughly 2 years and it is something that not all people will be able to balance. It just boils down to adjusting to the circumstance and making efficient use of time. If you think that this is something you can cope with, then you may take the risk "to MBA."

Secondly, the road leading to an MBA entails spending a large chunk of money for schooling. Although some companies sponsor the schooling of their employees, an MBA student still incurs additional expense in school for books, school supplies, transportation and a lot more that will not be shouldered by the company. You also make a personal investment on yourself, because you shell out money to sustain the requirements needed in the MBA program. But most probably, the benefits of a higher salary will then be reaped once you finish the 2 year program. Now this is another question you would like to ask yourself before entering an MBA program. Are you willing to spend more of your salary first to earn one that is higher later?



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