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The Summer Where It All Started.

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The Summer Where it All Started.

It was the summer of 1967 when Barry met the girl of his dreams, Mariette. Oh, how stunning she was in that ravishing red dress. It was as if the heavens brought down an angel. That was the night she poisoned him with love and invaded his dreams.

They spent the next following days together. However, Mariette's parents quickly disapproved of their relationship. He was a farm boy. She was a rich girl.

After spending practically the whole summer together, Mariette's parents set out to move to Mississippi, as a plan to separate them. The morning Mariette found out, she was devastated. She quickly ran to the farm to tell Barry. She had no other choice. She was being forced to go. But he wasn't there.

After shedding many tears for leaving the love of her life, they arrived in Mississippi. But Mariette felt empty; as if someone had taken a knife and twisted it in her heart.

As the days went by, she never stopped thinking about Barry. She refused to meet any other guy her parents set her up with until a certain point where she had given up hope. Knowing she would never see Barry again, she began to date another. He was charming and kind, and he gave her everything; including his vow to love her for eternity. But she could not. Something inside told her he wasn't the right one. And she was right.

6 years later, Mariette collapses on the floor. There he was. The man she had always loved. Barry.



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