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The Proper Way to Build a Brand

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Zack Kennedy


October 2, 2018

Mini-Article Presentation #7:

The Proper Way to Build a Brand

        The brand of a company is who they are and what they represent and promising that brand to the consumers is important to uphold. Marketing has changed over the years and Social Media is the new vessel that companies are finding as the best means to gain valuable information as well as expanding their consumer base. A downside though is that Social Media has put a magnifying glass over businesses. Consumers generally have more power over them now because the opinions everyone has can be shared with the world. With this medium there are endless opportunities to learn the lifestyles, demographics, hobbies, or even sense of humor of the audience and exploiting the brand has never been easier.

        As long as a company remains in the lines of the brand promise provided negative results can be avoided. Proctor and gamble is a great example of the bad side of social media. They promised a new diaper that is softer, offering more protection with less bulk, which it was, but they also promised rashes would not occur. One lady used social media to make a page dedicated to pressuring P&G with stories and pictures of babies who got a rash from the diapers. 7,000 people joined and caused a significant drop in their sales. The quality is there but P & G looked over the fact that any baby is susceptible to rashes regardless of the quality of the diaper. The fact they “promised” the audience it built expectations and social media made it known to the world.

        As a manager, I think working with social media would be a fun aspect of the job. It is a great source to gain insight. It helps towards creating advertisements and developing trends which are very powerful strategies to gain popularity and more consumers. Building a trust would be my main focus. User friendly applications and good quality products build a reputation and further grow a relationship with everyone. Once a company has earned the respect and trust of them then the audience will look to them for the next release or step with their brand.


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